Hair salon for the foreigner at close to SHINJYUKU

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[1986生まれ 大阪出身] フィジー留学の後、オーストラリアで2年美容師として働き2017年夏に帰国。フリーランスとしてマルチに活動 自分の経験を元にブログメディアを運営してます。 ▶twitterInstagram

Hair salon for the foreigner at close to SHINJYUKU

Hair salon “English OK!!”


BANA hair was organized by bana who used to work in Australia (4/2015~4/2017)

I got a experience that hairdressing for the people who from all over the world. Totally, I had worked 18month in Australia. The most part of client were western people who I did in AUS. And Asian , African , what else?! Anyway was so excited.

Joined “TPFF2016” by L’Oreal ProfessionalTeam

Street wedding hair set in Melbourne


So, if someone needs to hair dresser who can speak English and has experience for foreigners let me do the work!!!!
Can do mans and women’s hair.

Shop info
Bana hair

*NOTICE BANA hair is existence in ALBA hair 

Ishikawa building 2nd floor, 5-3-7 Higashinakano ,Nakanoku

2min walk from Higashinakano station which is 10min from SHINJYUKU station by seibu shinjyuku line.

Business hours
AM7-PM11( Need to book 24hours before)

Price(must pay +8%tax)

HairCut (inc shampoo and easy blow)
Add curly blow waves +¥1500

Shampoo & blow wave ¥3500

Hi-lights full – half
Japanese straightner ASK



Do you have LINE app??

YES, I do
→You can make booking by message LINE.

add from here

NO,I don’t
→You can call

Self introduce

Was born in Osaka Japan in 1986 , moved to Tokyo when I was 20th. Worked at Kichijyoji for 7years and more at the other places. In 2015, I went to Fiji to study English for 3month and then moved to SYD. I pent 2years in there SYD,MEL, PER.

I traveled Asia for 3month on the way back from Australia to Japan. Singapore, Thai, Myanmar, Indonesia.



[1986生まれ 大阪出身] フィジー留学の後、オーストラリアで2年美容師として働き2017年夏に帰国。フリーランスとしてマルチに活動 自分の経験を元にブログメディアを運営してます。 ▶twitterInstagram