Looking for hair model in Melbourne!




Hi,my name is Shinji(bana) who hairdresser came from Japan working in Melbourne now.

Had experience more than 8years in Tokyo, and used to work Sydney and Perth. Now, I want to be more confidence to hair dressing for Westerners.


Looking for hair models





I’m looking for hair models, first for hair cut for men.

◯price: free

◯styles: only skin fade

Such as….




for highlighting color models!









○Next, looking for highlights foil models (hopefully 1/2head) for Western people. (Already had done highlight before is better) If you have hair I wouldn’t care about gender.

If you are Asian or has really dark hair let me send a pic about your hair color.

It’s for only foil works without just tint , flat color,something like that.

○Price: Depends on what do you want to be. I’ll make sure before do it. Definitely, it’s gonna be just bit.

such as…

Where?When?how to book??


I’m working at north Essendon (30min away from Melbourne city) please contact to me on Facebook message.

let you know when we’ll make it.

⚠︎今現在の募集は以上です。お問合わせはFacebook かその他SNSで!




⚠︎I’m just looking for skin fade models and highlights models nothing any other.

⚠︎If you are interested in it could you share the information for your friends, family, whoever else.